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Painting Tape tips
29 November 2021
How to stop paint bleeding under tape

Here’s our tips to obtain a better adhesion to the walls or the surfaces you need to paint and to get rid of smears. You will also find a bonus in this article: some terrific tapes you can buy right away.

Painting Tape tips
15 July 2021
How to remove protective tape from UPVC windows, the easy way

In this article you will learn how to remove protective tape from UPVC, but are you aware that you can avoid wasting time in cleaning by simply choosing the right masking products? Professional painters trust in Q1® masking tapes, which offer premium...

Painting Tape tips
05 June 2021
How to remove painter's tape without peeling paint (like a boss)

Ok, you just finished painting. Nice job! Now, will you be able to remove all the painter’s tapes you used without spoiling everything? Follow our tips and get flawless paint jobs.

Painting Tape tips
04 June 2021
Adhesive masking paper: the easiest way to save time in painting

How can an adhesive masking paper help saving time in covering indoor surfaces? Well, that’s because is kind of an “all-in-one masking tool”, paper and masking tape combined together.

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